Kenaf seeds to suit your needs

As awareness to Kenaf's merits rises, so does the demand for quality Kenaf Seeds.

Kenaf Seeds
KGI offers the highest quality of Kenaf seeds and the widest range of varieties.

We have practical experience growing Kenaf at various conditions:

  • At altitudes from 250m below sea level to 2200m above sea level.
  • At latitudes from the equator and up to 35° – 40° N or S .

We have breeded and developed some of the most unique Kenaf varieties:

  • One that suitable for biomass production – for animal feeding & forage.
  • Kenaf variety particularly suitable for Oilseed production.
  • Multipurpose varieties for more then 2 uses in 1 growing cycle.

Prices & Terms

  1. Large orders: 1 ton or more:
    $10,000 USD per Ton, FOB
    Packed in bags of 25kg each
    40% advance payment by order placement.
  2. Small orders: 100Kg - 500kg:
    $1,500 USD per 100kg, FOB
    Packed in bags of 25kg each
    60% advance payment by order placement.
  3. Samples: 1kg - 10kg:
    $50 USD per 1kg, FOB
    Fully paid in advance by order placement.
  4. Samples and Small orders will be shiped by air freight.
  5. When Phytosanitary Certificates are required,
    an additional $200 per variety in a shipment will be charged,
    regardless the size of the shipment.
    In some countris, in specific cases,such as small quantities for research porpuses PC ls not needed.

Kenaf hybrids: KGI Kenaf hybrids that produce 20-30% more biomass will be available soon.